Strona GłównaComet and Meteor Workshop

Comet and Meteor Workshop

PKiM Comet and Meteor Workshop

Comet and Meteor Workshop

Astronomic Association

What meteors are ?

What meteors are

Shooting star, meteoroid, meteor, meteorite or maybe a fireball? Get the knowledge about the difference between those concepts. Studying Small Solar System body is fascinating. Those studies refer to objects from dust to big planetoids. This is the only domain of astronomy in which phenomenon happen so close and their effects can be held in hand.

Astronomic Association

PKiM Pracownia Komet i Meteorów Stowarzyszenie Astronomiczne

The Comet and Meteor Workshop were found in 1987. It associates dozens of fans of meteor observations and research. There are either professionals and amateur astronomers among our members. Join us!

How to observe meteors?

How to observe meteors

Meteors’ observations are extremely simple. All you need is your eyes or a camera and a bit of patience. Thanks to modern technique you can automate the observations at low cost.

Polish Fireball Network

PFN Polish Fireball Network

Double station observations of the sky from many locations allows to determine the trajectory of the meteors and their previous orbits before they came into the atmosphere. Every night polish sky is observed by dozens of video and photographic cameras of the Polish Fireball Network. Join our project!

Meteor calendar

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Meteor calendar

The amount of phenomenon and radiant, place on the sky from where meteors appear to come change every night. You can check what matter will be crossing over the night sky when you’re planning observations.

PKiM meetings

PKiM meetings

Three times a year we organize meetings of laboratory members. Those meetings have seminars character consisting of lectures or camps where we perform observations together.

Scientific research

PKiMowska Sekcja Obliczeniowo Teoretyczna (PSOT)

We are working on our observations’ results together. We write our own applications for data processing. The results based on our observations are published in scientific magazines and presented during the conferences. Everyone can take a part in observations even if their don’t perform observations theirselves.

International Meteor Organization

International Meteor Organization

International Meteor Organization is a worldwide coordinator of meteors’ observations, collecting data and data analysis. Every year there is organised the International Meteor Conference which is a main forum for exchanging ideas, experience and meeting people performing meteor research from all over the world. Our members are often participants of those meetings.

What can you do for PKiM?

Co robić dla PKiM

Everyone can find a job in our workshop. You can take care of independent observations or those with use of technical equipment, data analysing, creating software. For people with journalistic gift we offer writing articles based on our research or other sources, participating in creating the Cyrqlarz magazine and our website.

Fund scientific research

Sponsorój badania naukowe

Professional meteors’ observations producing valuable results require good equipment. You can help PKiM by providing financial and material support to us. We will make use of old computers, monitors, cameras, lenses and radios.